Best Android Car Apps 2016

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Car Apps are certainly changing the way motorists use their cars. Not only are they getting drivers to their destination faster, but also saving gas and making the overall driving experience much more enjoyable.
Android Car Apps
The developers behind the Google Android have quickly cottoned on to the popularity of car phone apps and in this piece we will look at some of the best Android car apps.

Before you start looking at what sort of Android Apps that you will want to use in your car you will need somewhere to dock your Android. One of the most popular options is the Droid X car dock. This car mount attaches to the windshield or the dash of your car.

You can position it however you like. It’s great for use with other Android apps such as map and navigation apps.

Not only this but the arm of the dock is adjustable so you can view it from whatever angle you need to.
The dock employs an adhesive dash mounting disk which sticks to the surface of the car. This doesn’t obscure the view of the camera lens so you are able to record the road while you drive. It’s a well designed dock which comes in handy when using the other apps available for the Android.

So your Android is secure and ready to use, what other car apps are available for the Android? One problem that all drivers have faced at one time or another is trying to remember where they have left their car.

It’s such a common problem that they had to make it into a movie. Well if this Android car finder app had been around ten years ago “Dude, where’s my car?” would have never have been made.

This simple app stores the location of you car when you park it. Can’t remember where you parked? Your car finder app does. Seems like a simple idea but it has proved to be hugely popular with the public.

Another really popular Android car app is gas buddy. This app tells you where to fill up. You can use this app either to find gas stations nearby, or if you enter your destination it will tell you which stations are along your route.

Not only this, but this wizardry tells you where to fill up for less, finding you the best deal for your buck. Car owners will rejoice in these tough economic times with the price of oil seeming to go nowhere but up.

With Android Car Apps like these it is easy to see why they are becoming widespread amongst the general driving public. Car manufacturers haven’t missed this fact so you can expect a raft of new car apps for your Android as they come up with fresh ideas and try to cash in on the trend.

Branded car apps from the car manufacturers appear to be one of the big new trends and with the serious amount of money that they can put behind their car apps the driving public is sure to be well serviced. Provided they are lucky enough to already own an Android that is.
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