Car Apps for iPhone and iPad Using Monotouch

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Car Apps - There is a wide selection of iPhone car apps. These car apps for the iPhone have been and still are massively popular. And when we look at the possibilities that these apps open up for drivers in terms of driving comfort, reducing running costs, sharing transport and locating parking, it is easy to see why. Of course apps are not limited to the iPhone.
Car Apps for iPhone and iPad Using Monotouch
One of the most popular iPhone car apps for the driver is the iGasUp app. This lets the user find the cheapest gas stations in their vicinity. These can be located either by current location or by the route the driver is taking.

Another popular type of app are parking meter apps. They days of not being able to find your car are over with these useful iPhone apps. They also tell the driver how much time they have left on their parking meter.

Everyone hates to get speeding fines. Thanks to these useful iPhone apps, unwanted tickets could be a thing of the past. The pleasant voice on this app helps you to get below the required legal speed. It also helps with advice for safe driving.

These iPhone car apps are not only useful for people who have already purchased a car. They can help out the potential buyer too. Leasing apps help you work out your financing costs. So you know if you can really afford that new beamer.

Not only this you can use car apps to check out how economical various models of cars are. This is great when trying to decide between two similar cars.

If you have an iPad with 3G and GPS then you will be able to use Google maps. This can be good option in preference to your iPhone as the screen is larger and thus easier to view while driving.

This is not the only iPad car app however. You can also use your iPad as an entertainment tool. On a long road trip with their kids you will be happy you packed in the iPad. Game apps and movies are a greater alternative to traditional games of eye-spy.

Use your address book to locate your friends. Facebook is also useful for this function. With most books going to audio packing in your ipad will let you listen to that latest bestseller or perhaps practice a language while driving.

Whilst taking a trip in the country we often find ourselves wanting to visit a bit of local color. iPad’s are invaluable in this situation as you can search for detailed information about local tourist hotspots. Read reviews of local restaurants and cafes before you eat.

As you can see bringing your iPhone or iPad can make driving a much more pleasant experience. The modern road trip no longer needs to involve whining kids, over priced gas, inedible local food, parking fines and speed tickets.

Making clever use of Apple car apps will definitely enhance your driving experience and save you money.
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