TOP Ten Car Apps for iPhone

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Car Apps have certainly soared in popularity amongst car owners. This is due to the fact that they can help car owners save money, avoid tickets, find their car, help the environment and much more. Because of this demand developers have flooded the market with car apps.

Trying to work out from such a choice which car apps are actually useful and which are just another money wasting gimmick can be difficult.

To help you, we present you with the top ten car apps for iPhone you need for your car.

No 1: Carticipate – An Experiment in Social Transportation™

Carticipate is awarded the number one spot because not only does it help to save you money on your gas bill it also helps to save the environment.

That’s what we call a win win. Enter where you are and where you want to go, and Carticipate helps to coordinate your travel destination with other travellers.

Carticipate is an experiment in social transportation, the first and only rideshare application on a location aware mobile platform.

That’s what we call a win win. Enter where you are and where you want to go, and Carticipate helps to co-ordinate your travel destination with other travellers.

You can then car share to that destination.

Carticipate is car pooling for the 21st century.

Number 2: GasBuddy

With the rising price of gas and a depressed economy it is natural that car owners will want to pay as little for their gas as possible.

GasBuddy lets you search for Gas Prices by city, state, zip code, with listings for all cities in the USA and Canada.

And this is where Gas Buddy comes in. Gas Buddy helps you find the cheapest gas in your area. Simply enter your current location and Gas Buddy will show you the stations nearest you at what price you will pay at the pump.

Number 3: Dynolicious

We are all interested in the performance of our cars.

This app lets you know just how your car is perfuming and it requires no external wires to do it!

Dynolicious is the first automotive performance meter available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Dynolicious uses the hardware built-in to your iPhone to measure the performance characteristics of your vehicle. No external wires or equipment is necessary, simply slip the iPhone into a cradle or cupholder and go!

Feature Highlights
0-60 Acceleration
1/4 Mile Trap Speed and Time
Estimated Horsepower
G-forces in 360°
Much More

Number 4: Milebug

MileBug is a mileage tracker for your smartphone that makes it incredibly easy to track your mileage.

This is great if you need to keep track of your gas expenses for tax deductions or to expense it to your employer.

Now on Windows Phone 7!

MileBug is proud to release a new version of the app for Windows Phone 7 based smartphones. It’s never been easier to log your miles and keep track of your expenses than with MileBug.

Number 5: Traffic Alert

Don’t we all just hate getting stuck in traffic, and many times we wish we had planned our route a little better to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam? Thanks to the Traffic Alert App switched on smart phone users no longer need to worry about these problems. Traffic Alert gives you up to date information about traffic and traffic problems in your location

Traffic alerts on your phone – new iPhone app

You can now get live traffic updates on your mobile phone thanks to a new Highways Agency’s iPhone app. The free app pinpoints the user’s current location, gives a breakdown of any planned roadworks and displays live traffic updates for England’s motorways and major roads.

For the UK there is the Highways Agency iPhone app
The new free Highways Agency iPhone app allows users to plan their journeys and avoid congestion hotspots.

The app pinpoints the user’s current location gives a breakdown of any planned roadworks displays live traffic updates tunes in to the Highways Agency’s own radio station which broadcasts round the clock from the National Traffic Control Centre.

To download the new app, go to the iTunes store and search for Highways Agency, or enter the link below into your phone’s browser:

(information provided with thanks by the Highways Agency)

Number 6: Find My Car!

This is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your car. You will never forget where you parked!

How to use:

1. Open Find My Car! application and save your car position on the map. You can also take a picture and associate a short description to help fully document the parking spot.

2. To find your car again, open the application and locate your last car position on the map (different zoom levels available). The distance to your car is displayed in real time as you walk in the street! You can also see the best walking direction from your current position to your parked location.

Number 7: Greenfuel

By Energistic Software, L.L.C.

You went out and bought an alternative fuel car? It’s a great investment, not only for the environment but also for the pocket book. We wanted to help make it easier for you to find those all-too-elusive fuel stations. So we made this application.

GreenFuel helps you locate alternative fuel stations currently in the United States. There are several apps available out there that point you to conventional gas stations, but GreenFuel is the only app dedicated to alternative fueling stations. More locations will be added inside and outside the U.S. as information becomes available.

We all want to do more to help the environment. And this app helps to make it just that much more easier. GreenFuel App shows you where closest alternative fuel stations are, to make green refueling a simpler task.

Number 8: Repair Pal

Know exactly how much to expect to pay for that car repair. No nasty surprises.

It’s hard to know if we are overpaying for car repairs.

Thanks to the Repair Pal app getting an accurate price for your repair is easy.

Simply enter the problem your car is having and Repair Pal will tell you how much it should cost to get repaired.

Great to have if you’ve seen a car you want to buy but are concerned over some issues.

Number 9: Trapster

Avoid those speed traps with the Trapster app. Trapster® alerts you to police speed traps and other roadway hazards.

Trapster is a FREE service that allows users to share the location of police speed traps using mobile phones and other types of devices.

It alerts you to speed cameras, red lights and speed traps potentially saving you loads of money and possibly lots of grief.

Number 10: Navigon

With NAVIGON you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional mobile

navigation system. Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, the app fits in seamlessly with the iOS operating concept and can be installed on any iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPad device (the navigation function is only available on the iPad WiFi +3G)

This navigation system for your iPhone and other smartphones is from Garmin
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